Some Work Samples

Hello. I am a designer based in Long Island and my passion is impactful storytelling.
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I helped launch a new salon by designing their identity, advertising and marketing collateral.

I learned Wordpress to build their site, and stuck with bold glossy high contrast elements to maintain a high-end feel. 

A 1-800-Flowers Mother's Day video for social and YouTube ads using stock footage. I also wrote the copy to hit a more emotional tone.

I was tasked to art direct and retouch this shot to make it feel as heroic as possible.

A luxury jewelry catalog where I was involved in both design and press checks.

A promo created for a real estate client. Shot on a GH4, with the voiceover recorded on a Zoom HN4 Pro with a lavalier mic and a Rode shotgun for backup.

My philosophy when creating logos is to say more with less. Michael Yi logo: I saw the opportunity to combine both the M and YI as one mark using both serif and sans-serif characteristics. nrdc logo: This was actually for a student competition, where the topic was about conservation (conceptually, removing the letter was meant to convey conserving space/ink/etc...). Michelle Lee Styles: Before Michelle Lee opened her salon, she asked me for a logo to start her own personal brand. I combined the "m" and "l" with a little flair to suggest hair styling. The Random Artist: The last logo was for a personal project, where I couldn't help but fuse the "R" and "A" together.

A Photoshop mockup of both the label designs and real product photography.

More labels I designed, where the challenge was to make sure the unconventional shapes didn't hinder the designs.

A personal video project shot with a GH4 and lit/bounced with a single Aperture H160.

Some low poly artwork I've dabbled in.

Animated GIF for a 1-800-Flowers email.

Animated GIF for a 1-800-Flowers email.

I used several nested comps in After Effects to create the animations and facial expressions.

Examples of banner work, both promotional and partnership based.

More examples of banner work, this time incorporating lifestyle photography.

These logos were created for use within the enterprise, each pulling elements from the parent 1-800-Flowers logo to maintain brand voice.

I was asked to come up with something different for Valentine's Day, so I tried animating with After Effects's puppet warp tool.

Examples of social content for 1-800-Flowers to celebrate Shark Week.

A minimal ad for a conference program. Copy reads: "The simplest way to deliver a smile."

A fictional company and site created to pitch how 1-800-Flowers could enter the personalization marketspace.

The site functions as an on-demand creative platform for freelance artists. These visuals show examples of a collection and profile page.

Examples of the platform on mobile and as display ads.

This just illustrates how I've learned to adapt video content to fit different form factors, this case being the NASDAQ tower.

This was some test work I submitted during an interview to propose how I would approach their site redesign.

This was some test work I submitted during an interview to propose how I would approach their site redesign.


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