Congratulations, you’ve reached the bonus page! Here, you can get a deeper look into how I think.


Getting Personal

I was tasked to come up with a way to bring us closer to our customers. One of the concepts I proposed revolved around sharing relatable insights. So, rather than trying to market a generic birthday or anniversary collection, why not name it something that triggers a sentimental memory, or speaks to a personal truth?

Don’t Forget to Call Your Mom

For Mother’s Day, I was challenged to create a video entirely out of stock footage. After browsing endless files, across several sites, I put together a story and provided the script for the voice-over talent.

Dramatic Red

When I first started out shooting, I really wanted to create something using music from The Secession. I was also really into Apothic Red at the time, so I decided to try make a fan commercial using only a single light source.

PMP’n Is Easy

To help guide a group of interns for a summer project, I provided the designs and direction for a new 1-800-Flowers business proposal. Inspired by the [insert industry]-sharing economy at the time, I thought it would be a great opportunity to create a platform for local artists and craftsmen to easily gain commissioned work.

A Simple Smile

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Call for Clarity conference, held at John Jay College. We had a single-page spot in the program, which I was asked to provide artwork for. As you can see, I enjoy minimal solutions.

It’s All in the family

When asked to come up with some internal logos for the company, I focused on upholding the proper tone, while also keeping it all within a similar brand look and feel.

Bud Wait, there’s more

Here are two more versions of the BUD Valentine’s videos. The character was created in Photoshop, animated in Character Animator, and cut together with Premiere. And yes, I recorded my own voice with a shotgun mic, inside a mini pillow fort. Enjoy!