LoadSmart Homepage Design Idea

After learning more about your company, I tried designing the hero with a different approach. You are a technology company. I felt it was important to make that the very first part of the user experience. That way, you are highlighting the data behind a powerful platform.

What if you could turn the search box into a real-time list of suggested carriers (given that it makes business sense and it's technically possible)? Sort of how Google autocomplete works, as soon as the user starts typing in a location, the hero changes to a map and populates with nearest carriers. Each quote could also disappear after a few seconds, while a new one pops up, thus reinforcing the real-time aspect of it.

This wouldn't be the full list, of course. The goal is to get the shipper to click on "Show All Real-Time Quotes". This would then take them to a more comprehensive list, plus a sign up page. 

And here is how I started to redesign the content of your site. Again, I focused on making the "logistics technology" more prominent, while also cleaning up all the calls-to-action/links.

Thank you for taking the time to review this. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!